Focusonics Model A

Focusonics Model A is a directional speaker that focuses and constrains sound to a narrow beam that can reach tens of meters away from the speaker. In the beam the listener is immersed in music or speech while just steps away no sound can be heard. The Focusonics speaker in the sound world is much like a laser in the light world.

The Focusonics speaker is ideal where sound reproduction needs to be localized to a certain area while quiet is maintained elsewhere. A classic example of this is in museums – Focusonics speakers can be installed next to artwork to transmit relevant information to a viewer while leaving others in the room undisturbed. Applications for the Focusonics speaker range from product promotions in retail and showrooms to targeted public address systems.

If the sound beam of the Focusonics speaker is directed to a surface, such as an LCD display, the sound will seem to emanate from the display itself rather than the speaker. This feature can be used to create virtual sound effects, for example creating an illusion of the presence of birds in office spaces by playing bird songs and allowing the sound beam to reflect from various surfaces.

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