Osvaldas Putkis, EngD

Project Lead and Research Engineer

Osvaldas oversees R&D work of URG since its foundation in 2014. His research interests include ultrasonic particle manipulation, ultrasonic array field modeling and signal processing. He is also experienced in electronics and hardware programming. Osvaldas was awarded a Doctor of Engineering degree from University of Bristol in Nondestructive Evaluation. He is currently also a lecturer at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Gailius Vanagas, Phd

Research Engineer

Gailius is an experienced researcher in ultrasound transducer technology (electrostatic transducers and cMUT). He is responsible for mathematical modeling, including finite element modeling, algorithm development for parametric sound systems. Gailius has also extensive experience in electronics and PCB design. He holds a doctoral degree from Kaunas University of Technology and is also currently a lecturer there.

Edvin Svarabovic, MSc

Hardware Engineer

Edvin is responsible for designing and maintaining research equipment. He is also involved in the development of group's products. He is skilled in automation, electronics, microcontroller programming.

Marius Mikolajunas, Phd

Research Engineer

Marius experience lies in material science, particularly thin films. He focuses on the development of technological processes for electrostatic transducer manufacture. He received a doctoral degree from Kaunas University of Technology, where he now also works as a lecturer and manager of Thin Film Laboratory.


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