Levitator Model D

Levitator Model D is a demonstration unit for ultrasonic levitation/manipulation. It is most suited for levitation/manipulation of EPS (expanded polystyrene) particles, however levitation/manipulation of heavier particles such as water droplets is also possible.

Levitator Model D consists of 64 transducers in total (Prowave 400ST160) arranged in two arrays facing each other as can be seen in the photos above. Transducers work at 40 kHz frequency and can be driven with maximum of 30 Vpp voltage (continuous sine waveform). Levitator can be driven/controlled using our Array Controller UAC128.

Levitator’s frame is made out of black PMMA material with transducers mounted on a black PCB. The two opposing arrays are joined with a transparent PMMA rod to provide an unobstructed view for the whole manipulation region. Two multi wire cables of 1.2m length and 1cm diameter are used to connect the arrays to the array controller.

Custom design

URG can design and build levitators/manipulators to meet specific ultrasonic levitation/manipulation needs. A couple examples of manipulators are given in the photos below (used by URG itself). For example, the semi-spherical array levitator with a reflector can produce large pressure levels at focus point and particles as dense as copper metal can be levitated. If levitation/trapping is only needed at fixed positions levitators can be designed in a such a way that all the transducers can be driven from a single channel generator and amplifier without needing for expensive array controller. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a custom designed levitator/manipulator.